DK2 innovation in glow and color changing technology

SpectraBurst UV Activated Technology

Chromadic Creations can offer our customers a full line of photochromic or UV Activated pigments for most plastics and textiles. Your products can now change their appearance and color by being exposed to sunlight. Imagine a product that is one color indoor or at night and another when outdoors or exposed to the sunlight. All of our special effects are available as masterbatches or precolored compounds.

Photochromic Products

Our line of photochromic or UV activated plastics will give you the power of the sun. Objects can now be white or clear indoors and full colors when exposed to the sun outdoors. Our photochromic pigments are some of the fastest reacting and most vibrant products available on the market.

Resins Compatibility: All Common Types (the more transparent the better)
Available Colors: 6 colors

Photochromic Color Chart

The chart below shows the available colors for our photochromic (sun activated) product. The top is the outdoor (exposed to the sun) and the bottom shows the indoor or night color.