DK2 innovation in glow and color changing technology

Main Services

Chromadic Creations is a leader in the specialty ink and specialty plastics market. Our special Spectraburst glow in the dark and color changing pigments take products to the next level.

By adding our SpectraBurst pigments or masterbatch to your existing products you can create some of the best glow in the dark or color changing (based on temperature or sun exposure) effects possible.

Glow in the Dark
products that glow for hours on a minimal charge.
products that change based on temperature.
products that change according to exposure to the sun.
Specialty Ink Consulting
for all your specialty needs.

What We Can Offer

Glow in the Dark
Glow pigments that last up to 10 hours on minimal charge.
Your products will change color according to temperature.
Imagine your product color changing with exposure to the sun.
Custom Compounding
We provide custom compounding for most specialty pigments.

Leading Provider of Specialty Products

Chromadic Creations and their SpectraBurst line of specialty pigments for plastics or textiles will make your existing or new products explode with amazing color effects.

The most significant element that sets us apart from our competitors is price. Chromadic Creations strives to set prices that are beyond comparison. The Chromadic team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced specialty ink consultants and graphic designers and they are here to help you with your next specialty product.