DK2 innovation in glow and color changing technology

SpectraBurst Color Change Technology

Our unique line of SpectraBurst Color Changing plastics will allow for remarkable color changes when specifically selected temperature are reached. This new and exciting line of thermochromatic pigments can be activated with cold temperatures or with hot temperatures depending on your application. Imagine having a plastic component that changes from black to red when it gets too hot or an object that turns blue when it gets too cold? Our thermochromatic pigments offers these capabilities. All of our special effect resins are available in masterbatches or precolored compounds.

Thermochromatic Products

Our selection of color changing thermochromic pigments come and a wide array of colors as shown below. Since our thermochromatic products rely on temperature to change color, we can set them to react at standard temperatures such as 5, 10, 15, 18, 21, 25, 30, 33,37, 40 and 65 degrees celsius. Custom temperatures ranging from -20 to 110 degrees celsius are available as well (please inquire about custom temperatures).

Resins Compatibility: All Common Types (the more transparent the better)
Available Colors: 14 stock colors (custom colors available upon request)

Thermochromatic Color Chart

The chart below shows the available colors for our thermochromatic (temperature activated) product. The top is the cold color (before being exposed to heat) and the bottom shows the activated color (exposed to heat). Our stock colors all change from color to clear when exposed to heat as shown below. Custom colors can be created by us or by our customers by adding normal coloring of a lighter shade. For more information about custom colors please contact us today.

For a downloadable copy of our catalog click HERE.